Trucker Drivers Don’t Want to Be Watched

It’s important as a TMS provider that we keep a pulse of the industry for Freight Brokers and Trucking Companies.  We need to understand what is needed in the software to make sure we are meeting these requirements.

Lately, there has been big pushes for automated tracking of trucks.  Services offered by Macropoint, DAT, Trucker Tools, and others allow tracking of Driver’s cell phones and ELD in real-time.  As a TMS, we have plenty of tracking tools and we integrate with these services.

As this technology started to become more prevalent, FMS quickly increased our knowledge with this type of tracking.  We became experts in how these companies were tracking trucks.  We needed to recommend and answer our customer’s questions, we implemented these technologies, and then we saw patterns.



Shippers love this technology.  The goal of any companies supply chain is to be extremely efficient and to have the products in the right place at the right time without excess or shortage.

Taking into consideration, theft, damage, and information gathering costs shipper’s millions in revenue a year.

Any technology to lower these costs is welcome however history has shown costs of tracking over the road trucking has always been high and inefficient.  This usually is based on “check calls” with dispatchers and drivers that are time-consuming and littered with problems.  An automatic way of tracking is awesome for shippers but it’s harder to implement than expected because…



Drivers hate this technology.  Just like in most jobs, you don’t want an overbearing boss or micromanager.  Drivers tend to pick this occupation because they can be independent and not have to deal with bureaucracy daily.

Now, we tell them they must be tracked so the shipper knows where they are at all times.  And not just the shipper, the broker wants to know also.  If they want to pull off the road an extra 15 miles to get to their favorite lunch spot, it’s going to be questioned.

They already get monitored with the new ELD laws.  They don’t want any more monitoring unless there’s something in it for them.  We see the drivers push back on this technology all the time by not installing or stopping the App from working on their phones.


TECH for Some

Because of this, the automatic tracking technology is doomed to fail but only if all loads should be tracking.  Brokers need to work with their shippers and make it makes sense for the Drivers to be tracking.  It’s worth extra for the shipments to be tracked.

If the Shipper is shipping expensive freight, maybe the shipment has to be tracked at all times, and a driver getting an extra $1 a mile may not mind this.

But don’t tell them they have to be tracked when hauling all their freight.  They will pick other freight to move.  It has to make sense for both the Broker and the Drivers.


FMS Knows Tracking 

FMS has worked with all the leaders in this technology space.  We help our customers manage expectations when it comes to automatic tracking.

We work to make sure the proper language is supported in their rate agreements with the trucks and different rate agreements can be generated for different situations.

We also work with our customers on their expectations of tracking all loads.  If you love the idea of TMS automatic tracking technology, come talk to us at FMS.  We can point out the pitfalls as well as the success stories you can have with automatic tracking.  Make tracking work for you without the drivers hating you.


By Henry Sheldon

Henry is the President of Freight Management Systems (FMS).  He actively works with customers and monitors the industry to always making FMS products more advanced.  Reach out to FMS for a demo and let us show you why FMS TMS stays cutting edge technology.


Henry Sheldon is the President of Freight Management Systems, Inc. (FMS), a leading software development company specializing in transportation management systems and transportation logistics software. “The software we make are only tools to support our greatest assets, our customers!”

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