Even the best brokers have trouble finding trucks during the peak season for certain lanes.

Save time with LOADPlus by using the e-posting feature to find what you need today.

Instead of logging into each posting site to post your loads, LOADPlus will send your loads to each Posting company that you already have an account with.  Save valuable employee time and get your truck loads moved faster.

Your loads can be posted under one business phone number or each individual broker can have their own phone number on the posting sites.  You can refresh the time of the posting with a simple click of a button.   When the load has been booked, LOADPlus will remove the posting from each of your posting services.

Let LOADPlus help you find the available equipment needed to move your loads, contact us to find out how.

Director of Customer Support for Freight Management Systems, Carol has been a team member for over 14 years. Before Freight Management Systems, Carol worked with Transportation Brokerage companies for many years.

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