The rise of remote employees

Over the past two decades, working from home and telecommuting has been on the rise.  With the widespread usage of wifi, cloud storage, and an array of digital tools that have made remote positions not only acceptable but also beneficial.

Qualified candidates for open office positions may not live geographically close to the business. In the past, employers were reluctant to hire remote employees due to the lack of in-person communication. Today’s technologies have made communication between managers and remote employees better than ever. Video conferencing allows remote employees who may not be in the same city, or even the same country, feel as if they are sitting alongside their peers.  This puts the lack of communication fear to rest.

Employers may wonder if the remote employee is actually working. This can be addressed by using tools such as calendar sharing and setting clear expectations for your remote employees. Be sure to set up guidelines, such as using texts for emergencies and responding to emails within a certain number of hours.

In the transportation industry, the number of remote employees, or branch office agents is growing rapidly and with Freight Management’s LOADPlus TMS Software gives your agents the ability to work from anywhere an internet connection is available.  Whether it be by desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, your agents can log in and get the job done, anywhere, anytime.

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