Carrier Onboarding and Risk Management

SaferWatch is the most widely acclaimed carrier information monitoring system in the transportation industry.  Founded in 2008, SaferWatch provides the most accurate and updated carrier information available in real time, from one source. By eliminating paper trails, SaferWatch increases productivity and security for brokers.  SaferWatch’s Risk Assessment covers Authority, Insurance, Safety Ratings, and Operational Ratings.    SaferWatch’s Assure Account gives you the ability to view, download, and print carrier insurance certificates.  Customize your own company standard for Risk Assessment. With FMS’s SaferWatch Integration, your dispatchers are protected.  If chosen standards are not met, they will not be allowed to book the carrier.


MyCarrierPackets is the largest carrier onboarding service in the Transportation Industry, providing the best service at the lowest price possible. MyCarrierPackets drastically reduces carrier setup time.  Brokers can have a carrier set up in their TMS in as little as 5 minutes. Other than managing override requests, MyCarrierPackets with Intellivite, integrated with FMS TMS, provides mutual customers with 100% automation and drastically lowers their exposure to identity theft and fraud.


  • Electronic Carrier Contracts

  • Insurance Certificates

  • Carrier Authorities

  • Carrier Risk Monitoring

  • Complete Management of Carriers

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