ePosting is an automated and fully integrated add-on feature of Visual LOADPlus that saves you countless hours normally spent manually updating posting sites. As loads are created, a posting indicator is set and based on the setup in the Event Timer these records are automatically sent to the load posting services. As the loads are covered the delete records are also sent automatically to the posting services.  We post to DAT®, Internet Truckstop and Getloaded as well as many others.

Document Management, Imaging and Bar Coding is an add on feature that is available in Visual LOADPlus and VLP Online. If you have ever dreamed of getting rid of your filing cabinets, consider upgrading to Document Management and Imaging.

eTracking is a fully integrated add-on feature that allows your customers all across the country to track your progress on a load, every step of the way. Your load tracking information is posted to the Internet for your customer’s viewing convenience. There are several viewing options such as Current Loads, Completed Loads, and Scheduled Pickups.

DOTPlus simplifies the process of verifying existing carrier information or adding new carriers. DOTPlus is updated several times a week from the USDOT and the FMCSA. With a mouse click you can get the safety rating, verify addresses and authorities on any carrier.

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