Pay your vendors fast with ACH and LOADPlus

Pay your vendors fast and secure with ACH through LOADPlus and your bank.  Stop those time consuming, costly check runs and lost checks in the mail.  Not to mention the potential fraud that could happen if your check falls into the wrong hands.

Pay your vendors easily by creating an ACH run in LOADPlus and either log into your bank’s portal to enter the information, or LOADPlus will create the NACHA file to your bank’s specifications.  We then send you the NACHA file to upload to your bank.

Your vendors will receive an email notification that a deposit is on its way.  They get paid fast and you can rest easy that all is handled with a few clicks.

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Learn more about ACH and NACHA by checking out this article that explains “What is ACH” on

Director of Customer Support for Freight Management Systems, Carol has been a team member for over 14 years. Before Freight Management Systems, Carol worked with Transportation Brokerage companies for many years.

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