Parade Integration


Using Parade to automatically find and book the best truckload carriers.

Capacity management augments your TMS to move more freight at higher margins by sourcing coverage inside and outside your carrier network.

Manage Carrier Relationships with Ease

Use AI-enriched carrier profiles to determine lane eligibility. Store notes on carrier preferences, capabilities, and engagement to improve future booking decisions. And automatically send targeted opportunities to re-engage and reuse your top carriers.

Book Loads

Compare historical and real-time pricing information to bid and negotiate on RFPs. And accept freight based on current capacity knowledge — including carrier locations, capacity, and availability.

Match the Right Carrier to Each Load

We aggregate capacity from different data silos like emails, historical loads, and carrier onboarding data to tell you which carrier has a truck in hand for every load.

Book Carriers

Automatically get matching loads in front of your carriers where they find work – email, the web, partner networks – and before they book out their trucks.

Tap Into Partner

Expand your capacity and find the right carrier for each load and lane, by connecting to partner capacity networks like CloudTrucks, DAT, SmartHop, and KeepTruckin’.

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