FMS is proud to introduce the new ACH & Rapid Pay feature.

Save time and aggravation! Freight Management Systems now offers ACH Processing and Rapid Pay.

June 27, 2017 – Freight Management Systems is proud to announce that LOADPlus now offers two, timesaving ACH (Automated Cleating House) payment options and the Rapid Pay payment feature.

The new LOADPlus ACH Payments eliminate printing and mailing paper checks—saving time and aggravation—while Rapid Pay simplifies the process of payment setup.

ACH Payments

Option 1:
The manual option processes an ACH run similar to a check run. One would setup payments through your financial institution and the system does the rest. A remittance advice statement is produced electronically and emailed directly to the vendor.

Option 2:
A slightly more advanced version of option one, where the system produces and emails a remittance advice statement to a vendor, and also sends out a Universal NACHA file to be uploaded to the bank.

Rapid Pay
LOADPlus also includes the new Rapid Pay feature. With Rapid Pay a customer can change payment due dates and select more than one payment to multiple vendors. You’ll love this streamlined, efficient payment feature.

Freight Management Systems continues to provide cutting edge products to its customers. We’d love to explain how ACH and Rapid Pay can revolutionize your payment system.

Contact today! Ask us how ACH Payments & Rapid Pay can revolutionize your payment processing.



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