Multi-Company Support

True multi-company support:

Run your brokerage, asset-based, and more in one system…

With LOADPlus Pro, you can run multiple companies in one dispatch module! Need to run multiple companies such as a brokerage and an asset-based company but don’t want the hassle of running multiple TMS’s? Freight Management’s LOADPlus Pro TMS is your answer. Now, you can enter a load and decide which company that load belongs to. LOADPlus Pro offers both Company and Agent Lockdown. With Company Lockdown, you can choose which employees can access which of your companies. Agent Lockdown allows you to choose what customers and loads an employee can see. Want to learn more? Request your demo today!

When it’s time for billing, LOADPlus Pro’s Accounting System separates your invoices by company! With a click of a button, you can choose which specific company you want to run invoices for. You can customize separate invoice templates to include a logo for each company. Do you need to assign different bank accounts to each company? No worries, our Accounting System has got it covered. You can also post to separate general ledgers. No need for additional accounting software! LOADPlus Pro does it all! Want to learn more? Request your demo today!

  • Multi-Company Support – LOADPlus Pro allows you to manage multiple freight companies in one system

  • Company Lockdown – Employees can only see / access the companies you assign to them

  • Agent Lockdown – Agents are locked down to see only their own customers and loads

  • Split Invoicing Per Company – Each company can use their own Invoice template, Logo and email settings. The email subject, from email address, email body, and who gets blind carbon copied on each invoice can differ per company

  • Separate General Ledgers – LOADPlus Accounting offers a separate General Ledger per company



A complete state-of-the-art 3PL logistics software solution for freight agents, freight brokers, freight forwarders and (LTL) freight companies which can be run on the web or hosted in-house

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