National Logistics Day 2020

National Logistics Day – June 28

Did you know there is a National Logistics Day?   It is on June 28th.

Don’t worry if you weren’t aware of this.   2020 is only the second National Logistics Day.   TIA – Transportation Intermediaries Association, has started promoting this day just this year.  They are trying to make an awareness among the logistics industry.

Wikipedia defines Logistics as “the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation.”   It’s the process to get products from one point to another.  This includes a wide range of resources.   There are all kinds of different fields of logistics.

One important type of logistics is Third-Party logistics or 3PL.  They specialize in the transport of products.  It takes all kinds of equipment and resources to complete a product’s logistical circle.  Whether a shipment is made on a truck, rail, air, ship, or through warehouse management, there are a lot of moving pieces to make it happen.  Many of our customers know a thing or two of how this works.   It’s not always easy to keep up with the flow of transportation.

If only there was a way to celebrate the hard workers that make sure it all comes together.   Well, now there is.

Happy National Logistics Day to you!

Customer Training Specialist at Freight Management Systems. Laura grew up in Medford, Oregon which is often known as the “Transportation Broker Capital” of the US. She managed a very large brokerage for many years and is a certified broker with the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Laura has extensive knowledge in the LOADPlus brand from both a client’s perspective and an as a transportation Broker. With her extensive background and her very patient personality, she is a perfect fit to lead up our training and testing teams at FMS. She looks forward to working with new and existing clients in all your learning needs.

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