Multiple Tab Advantage

The Multiple Tab Advantage

Navigating through the LOADPlus Pro system is easy as it is now a web-based system.

You will be able to open multiple tabs and multiple windows of the same screens.    Each tab at the top tells you what program is running there.

Gone are the days of only looking at a single feature at a time.  Having only one monitor is a thing of the past.   Think of having two monitors with the Available loads screen.  You can be booking a load on one monitor, while discussing and covering another load using the other monitor.

Open Carrier Booking and you can book a load directly on this screen just knowing your reference number.  What if you are in the process of booking a load and you get another call before you are done?   Just open another Booking tab to book out the second truck.

You can open the four load tracking tabs in separate screens.   This can save time from switching tabs and waiting for each screen to load.

Let us show you the ease of using LOADPLUS PRO.

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Director of Customer Support for Freight Management Systems, Carol has been a team member for over 14 years. Before Freight Management Systems, Carol worked with Transportation Brokerage companies for many years.

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