March is International Women’s Month – Julie

Happy International Women’s Month

Julie Robinson: A Customer Service Pro and Expert Truck Driver

March is Women’s History Month.  At Freight Management Systems, Julie Robinson is Director of Customer Success.

She is great at working with the various departments to resolve customer support tickets, troubleshoots server and software issues, setting up new systems and keeps current systems up to date along with many other various responsibilities.

Julie is in her 7th year with the company but she’s been a customer service professional for 18 years, and understands the needs of trucking industry customers from a very unique perspective.   Not only is she one of the women in our traditionally male-dominated industry, she is on a team that is 60 percent women.  She is also an experienced truck driver.

“I originally accepted a job in customer service, and transitioned into driving and hauling loads when another driver was not available. As time went by, my job there was both Customer Service and Truck Driving.  In 2014, the owner of that company retired and his son, FMS CEO Henry Sheldon, offered me a job as a Customer Support Specialist working with Logistics Software.”

Despite all the valuable experience she now has, Julie says that when she was still in school she never imagined a career in trucking. “I originally planned to work in healthcare,” the Pennsylvania native explains. Now she’s caring for customers by diagnosing and prescribing helpful remedies for various software issues. What Julie enjoys most is the working relationships she has with customers. “When you are able to resolve an issue and the customer appreciates what you do for them,” she says, “it really makes your job more rewarding.”

FMS and its customers are also rewarded by the fact that Julie is on our team. Everyone at FMS appreciates the special skill set she brings to the table, and we proudly celebrate her contributions during Women’s Month 2020 and all year ‘round.



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