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LOADPlus Pro

LOADPlus Pro brings together the full set of needed features in one fast, easy to use, web-based package. With a full API layer, the software can leverage the growth you are looking for. LOADPlus Pro is a web based cloud solution for transportation companies who need an integrated back-office solution.

Freight Brokerage TMS

A complete logistics software solution to manage all back office functions of Asset and Non-Asset based logistic companies. These include trucking companies, freight brokers, freight agents, intermodal/rail, freight forwarders and (LTL) freight companies.


LOADPlus Pro is a transportation management system designed to increase efficiency by letting the transportation company’s operator match loads, carriers, and drivers quickly and productively. You can manage (TL) Truckload and (LTL) Less than Truckload, and Intermodal by creating quotes, dispatching, booking, and tracking all aspects of your load or trucks. Then when ready you can bill the customer and set up to pay the carrier or driver automatically.

LOADPlus Pro is also so much more. As a functional ERP system, the software has dispatch, CRM, HR, and full accounting. There are also many integrations that expand functionality to bring a complete back office solution for running your transportation company.

Throughout the United States, transportation companies of all sizes use LOADPlus Pro to increase their profits. LOADPlus Pro can handle your company’s needs regardless of size, user count or remote locations.

Here are just a few of LOADPlus Pro’s many features!

  • Dispatch

    LOADPlus Pro includes a full dispatch system with everything your brokerage needs to manage your freight.  Includes Dispatch, Customer and Carrier Modules as well as Secured Branch offices.

  • Carrier Management

    LOADPlus Pro handles Carrier On-Boarding, Matching, Insurance, Contracts, Safety Ratings and much more.

  • Handles All Types of Shipments

    One TMS that does it all.  LOADPlus Pro can manage full Truckload, LTL, Partial, Rail, Air, and much more. From creating quotes, dispatching, tracking, to accounting, it handles it all.

  • Document Management Solutions

    Allows all your documents to be stored and searched from within LOADPlus Pro.

  • Easy Access from any Device

    LOADPlus Pro’s responsive design provides complete access anywhere, anytime, from your iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Smart Phone, or Desktop computer.

  • Full Accounting Package

    LOADPlus Pro includes fully integrated Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Account and General Ledger Modules

  • Load Tracking

    Extensive Tracking which can be customized to your tracking needs.  Includes GPS/ELD and manual tracking options.

  • Secured Agent Logins

    You choose what information your dispatchers and freight agents can see.

  • Intuitive Interface

    LOADPlus Pro has a new, fast, and intuitive interface that maintains familiar functionality with a minimal learning curve.

  • Rich with Integrations

    Integrate with popular third-party packages like Trucker Tools, My Carrier Packets, HubTran, Automatic Imaging, eSigning, and more through LOADPlus Pro’s fully-integrated API.



LOADPlus Pro is centered around a full API.  This means integrations and customizations have access to the code that runs the system.  They do not hover around the database and limit the integrations.  Integrations and customizations work within the system like FMS native code.  They also can be designed fast and, in some cases, without FMS developers being involved.

For example, SaferWatch, a leading Carrier Monitoring integrator, checks carrier safety and insurance on every Booking.  The Integration can prevent the dispatcher from booking if the Carrier falls below safety or insurance limits.  The integration works in real time during the built in Booking process.


LOADPlus Pro is ever increasing integrations with a team of developers always working on adding more “Smart” integrations.  This allows you to work the way you need to and not be limited within your TMS.

Some Integration Partners: 123 Loadboard, DAT, HubTran, Macropoint, My Carrier Packets, Parade AI, Post Everywhere, SaferWatch, Truckstop, Trucker Tools

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