Happy Labor Day

This Monday most of us will be off in celebration.  2019 marks the 125th anniversary of Labor Day celebrations.

According to the Department of Labor the definition of Labor Day, is “a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.”

This is a holiday that makes us think about not only what we do from day to day but to appreciate those that their labor makes an impact on our day to day lives.

The trucking industry demands recognition during this time.   Where would the country be without it?   Think of the food and products that we consume on a daily basis.   How did it get here?   Most likely a trucker was involved.    We also appreciate the 3pl’s that do their part in keeping the freight moving.

We also need to take a moment and appreciate the services that keep us safe.   The Military, police, EMT, fire departments, medical professionals, and there are so many more individuals to list.

Then there are the millions of people that make our lives go smoothly that we don’t even see what they do but it would be quickly noticed if they weren’t there.   People who make sure we have electricity, water, internet, food, safe roads, etc.

What about people we see every day but don’t give as much thought to as we should?  Store clerks, bankers, waiters, accountants, teachers, gas attendants, scientists and on and on.

Big business to an individual worker and everything in between.   It takes many talents, skills and hard work to make America the enterprise that it is.

This weekend take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of millions in America and say an extra thank-you to them.

Customer Training Specialist at Freight Management Systems. Laura grew up in Medford, Oregon which is often known as the “Transportation Broker Capital” of the US. She managed a very large brokerage for many years and is a certified broker with the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Laura has extensive knowledge in the LOADPlus brand from both a client’s perspective and an as a transportation Broker. With her extensive background and her very patient personality, she is a perfect fit to lead up our training and testing teams at FMS. She looks forward to working with new and existing clients in all your learning needs.

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