How Your Company Can Benefit from Cloud Storage

Cloud computing is a modernized alternative to traditional data center storage.  Whether you are a startup company or an established corporation, there are many ways you can benefit from moving your data to the cloud.

Many business owners may be uncomfortable with the idea of storing their data in the cloud. A lot of the time, this is because of the common misconception that your data will be floating around outer space that may be easily accessed by hackers.  But actually, “the cloud” is an infrastructure with physical servers housed in centers across the United States that utilize state of the art security and encryption.  With cloud storage, you get a much higher level of security than with the server in your office closet.

In addition to top-level security applications keeping unauthorized users from accessing your data, you are also protected in the case of a major server crash. If a crash occurs, your data may be retrieved from one of the many redundant cloud servers that are backing up your data across the nation.

Another benefit of cloud storage is mobility. Cloud platforms allow you and your employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection increasing productivity and flexibility.  The ability to access your data from generally any laptop, mobile phone or tablet is especially beneficial to companies interested in telecommuting and remote employees.

Cloud solutions provide cost savings in many ways.  Instead of large upfront costs with hardware and licensing, cloud services typically offer pay as you go pricing.  You can reduce the costs of hiring IT’s to maintain your servers and backups.

With Freight Management Systems’ LOADPlus and LOADPlus Pro 3PL software solutions, you get all the benefits of cloud storage in addition to our feature-rich TMS Software.  If you are interested in modernizing your logistics brokerage, contact us today at

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