FMS May Newsletter 2020

May 2020 Newsletter

So much has already happened this year. Covid-19 has certainly shook things up and spun the world into a place that no one could have predicted. Many companies have changed up operations and are now working from home. We are all in this together and working through these challenges.

As the country starts coming out of quarantine, freight volumes should start to pick up. Summer time is just a blink away and FMS is moving forward to bring even better software.


LOADPlus Pro

It has been several months since LOADPlus Pro was released, and it is now available to everyone.  We are excited over this 4th generation software of Freight Management Systems.  This TMS – Transportation Management System, LOADPlus Pro, is built on a full API.   Integrations are incorporated into the software as if they are part of the FMS code.   When signing up with LOADPlus Pro, you can also sign up with many integrations that will work as if they are part of the software.   Give your business the growth you are looking for.
Coming soon to LOADPlus Pro is an improved Carrier Matching to help locate the next truck for your shipment.
Take a look at the features of LOADPlus Pro at or contact for a demo.

HubTran and FMS integration partnership

We are excited that we are integrated with HubTran for your LOADPlus Pro or cloud system.  Hubtran uses artificial intelligence to help your business retrieve documents like a Bill of Lading and automatically assign it to the load in your transportation system.  It can take a multiple page document from an email and assign each page accordingly in the image system based on the type of document it is.  
At the same time, it can assign the load number, carrier invoice number, amount invoiced and more directly into your LOADPlus system.  There are many custom settings that allow other features as well.

In April, CEO Henry Sheldon together with Jarad Hunsicker from HubTran presented a webinar showing the integration between LOADPlus Pro and HubTran.   If you would like to view a recording of this webinar, please contact  For more information about this integrations, please go to




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