FMS February Newsletter

Happy 2020

Not only has the new decade started, it is off and running at full stream.   We hope your year has started off successfully.   It looks to be an exciting year to come.

With the new year, Freight Management Systems has released our latest generation of software, LOADPlus Pro.  It has been running on select customers since last year, but it is now available to everyone.  We are very excited over the system and wish to share this with you.

We also have the TIA Capital Ideas Conference coming April 1 – 4 in Austin, Texas.   Freight Management will be there showing this new TMS product.   We also have an exciting announcement coming soon regarding the conference.


API and Integrations

LOADPlus Pro is centered around a full API.   This allows the integrations and customization to have access to the code for the system.  This TMS works so closely together that the integrations will work as if they are part of the FMS native code.

The integrations provided in LOADPlus Pro is ever increasing.   The programmers are constantly working on new products to add to the current database.  These are key to bringing your TMS into a fully integrated system using the expertise of various freight software to make your business run as if you have a team of professional developers enhancing your system.


Responsive Design and Multiple Tabs

One of the exciting features of LOADPlus Pro is that you can use it anytime and anywhere!   As long as you have internet access, you can use the program.   You no longer have to hang around the office waiting on a call back.  You can book a load while you are out and about from your laptop or tablet.

When you are using LOADPlus Pro, you can open multiple tabs in the system and have access to them all.   Most people use multiple monitors.  You can have your available loads refreshing on one monitor while you are booking other loads on another.  You aren’t limited to one feature at a time.   Each tab tells you specifically what screen it is on.

We could go on and on about LOADPlus Pro but wouldn’t you rather see it for yourself?   Here is a link for Henry’s Calendly to schedule a demo.



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Customer Training Specialist at Freight Management Systems. Laura grew up in Medford, Oregon which is often known as the “Transportation Broker Capital” of the US. She managed a very large brokerage for many years and is a certified broker with the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Laura has extensive knowledge in the LOADPlus brand from both a client’s perspective and an as a transportation Broker. With her extensive background and her very patient personality, she is a perfect fit to lead up our training and testing teams at FMS. She looks forward to working with new and existing clients in all your learning needs.

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