Benefits of Implementing Electronic Signatures

In this age, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest technology.  Electronic Signatures can drastically lessen turnaround time, cut costs, and increase security.

Gone are the days of having to print, sign, scan, and mail documents.

With Electronic Signatures, just click on a link in your email and use your finger or stylus to sign the document.  The signed document is instantly returned to the original sender.

Besides cutting down on time and paper, you also increase security.  Unlike electronic documents, paper can easily be tampered with.  With Electronic signatures, there is less worry about security and document tampering.

Freight Management Systems knows all these things are extremely beneficial if you work in an industry involving the repetitive signing of documents such as in transportation.  That’s why we’re adding this feature to our LOADPlus TMS Software.

At FMS, our E-Signing feature simplifies the agreement process between Carriers and Dispatchers.  Carriers are emailed a link to view and electronically sign their documents.

There is no need to manually print, sign, or scan the documents; it’s all done online.  Carriers simply type or use their finger to add their signature to the agreement.

Once signed, the Dispatchers can see and download the signed document.  If you would like to learn more about our LOADPlus TMS Software, contact us today at

Customer Support, Technical Lead for Freight Management Systems. Julie enjoys solving problems and learning about how systems work. She sees a true value of process and is very talented at delivery this message to our customers, ensuring they get the best service possible.

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