FMS Announces Full Integration with SaferWatch


June 5, 2017

The intelligent power of SaferWatch is now
fully integrated with Freight Management Systems’ TMS

DAVIE, FLORIDA – June 5, 2017 – SaferWatch™ is the #1 source for the most accurate and updated motor carrier information in the industry, and now it is available with your LOADPlus 17.3.5 update!

Freight Management Systems is proud to announce an all-new integration with SaferWatch™. As the most widely acclaimed carrier information monitoring system in the transportation industry, SaferWatch™ offers 100% of the information and tools you need for a fraction of the price of others.

SaferWatch™ increases productivity by providing carrier information in real time, from one source. Save even more time by downloading the carrier information directly into LOADPlus, zero data entry time.

Upgrade to SaferWatch™ Assure for the ability to view, download, and print carrier insurance. SaferWatch™ Risk Assessment covers Authority, Insurance, Safety, Operation and Overall Ratings. Intelligent search solutions quickly source qualified carriers based on customized criteria. You can’t ask for a cleaner, faster carrier approval process.

Contact today!  Ask us how SaferWatch™ can revolutionize your carrier risk management system. Get your FREE Integration today!


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