A complete state-of-the-art, 3PL logistics software solution for freight agents, freight brokers, freight forwarders and (LTL) freight companies which can be run on the Web or Hosted Inhouse. LOADPlus is a transportation management system designed to increase efficiency by letting the transportation broker match trucks to carriers quickly and productively. You can manage (TL) Truckload and (LTL) Less than Truckload by creating quotes, dispatching loads, booking loads, and tracking load statuses. Then when ready you can bill the customer and set up to pay the carrier automatically.

LOADPlus TMS contains a fully integrated accounting system.  Throughout the United States, freight brokers of all sizes use LOADPlus to increase their profits!!! LOADPlus can handle your company’s needs regardless of size, user count or remote locations.

Here are just a few of the many features that LOADPlus has to offer!

  • Users can

    Conveniently view, book, and edit loads, from LOADPlus’s Available Load Screen.

  • LOADPlus’s Accounting Software

    Makes it easy for users to handle all of their accounting needs.

  • LOADPlus’s Imaging Feature

    Offers an easy method for users to upload documents into their system.

LOADPlus Hosted Inhouse is the self hosted version of LOADPlus. The Hosted Inhouse version of LOADPlus TMS offers all modules except you host the software on your servers which gives you more control of your data but does transfer the maintenance to your location. Please indicate that you are interested in this version if you schedule a demo so your company can be quoted correctly.

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