LOADPlus Accounts Receivable Training Videos

AR Transaction Reports

Instructs how to run AR Transaction reports. This includes Daily Transactions, AR Customer Ledger, AR Invoice Report,
Credit Memo, Gross Profit by Invoice #, Auto Invoice Create, and Auto Update.

Add Manual Invoice and Redistribute Invoice 

Shows how to add a manual invoice in AR. Also shows how to Redistribute Invoices.

AR Aging Report

Demonstrates how to run the AR Aging Report.

AR Invoicing

How to create invoices for loads from Dispatch Module

AR Maintenance

How to view and adjust Account Receivable transactions

AR Rebills and Corrected Invoices

How to rebill an invoice, process a corrected invoice and charge a customer billing

AR Reprinting Invoices

How to reprint or send out an Invoice using redistribute, AR Maintenance and Dispatch Maintenance.

AR Statements

How to print statements

AR Receipts 

How to apply payments, reverse payments and print deposit tickets.

AR Split Billing

Instructs how to create multiple invoices for a load, Bill multiple customers or create separate invoices for accessorial charges.

AR Credit

Shows how to set up and monitor credit using the Open Credit Report. How to recalculate credit balances.

AR Admin Settings

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