Data Exchange & EDI Solutions

for Transportation Management Systems

The customer needs to get you the loads easily.  Your invoices need to flow into their ERP system.  They all need to see the tracking of Loads in real time.  Your Dispatchers don’t know what to do with all these requirements.

That’s where we fit in.  With our Data Exchange and EDI services, we can help your business make all the information flow easily and seamlessly.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. Effectively managing EDI in Logistics is an essential need for a growing a profitable business and actively engaging with customers and suppliers. In many cases, a company cannot keep or generate new business unless EDI is in place.

Many times, setting up EDI seems very complicated so small to mid-sized shippers and 3PL companies stay away from the challenge. This causes them to lose or not add more business to their portfolio.
Our expert EDI Consultants can help. We provide as much support as you need, from offering suggestions for EDI process improvements, to taking over your entire EDI operation. 

Let Freight Management Systems optimize the efficiency, reliability and reach of your business while reducing costs, infrastructure and overhead.

3PL EDI Services

The most common EDI Transaction for 3PL and Shipper exchange are the following transaction types:

210 Invoice

This transaction is used to send your invoices to your trading partner instead of traditional mailing or emailing. This sends all EDI information through the process to the trading partner.

214 Tracking

This transaction let’s your company send the trading partner tracking information for their loads in real time. When tracking events are triggered, loads can send the tracking information sometimes in real time.

204 Load Tender

Load Tender is where the customer is sending you loads to see if you can book them or not. With this transaction, the customer sends you loads to your system. Each time a set of loads is received, you determine if you want to tender those loads. Acceptance or Declining a load sends a response back to the trading partner as a 990.

990 Response to Load Tender

Whether you decide to accept or decline the loads from the load tender, a 990 needs to be sent back to the trading partner letting them know your decision. If you accept it, they usually mark it in their system and other steps are taken within accounting. When you decline, they may offer that load to other vendors.


Freight Management Systems has experience with all these EDI transactions and whether you are running software from Freight Management Systems or any other transportation management software, we can help you with your EDI needs.

Our comprehensive approach includes training on best practices for both processes and products. Our experts are trained on communication and trading partner on-boarding and more.


EDI strategy and consultation

Cloud Hosted configurations

Trading partner on-boarding

Mapping & Project management

Software upgrades and configuration

Integration with back-office solutions

We can also work with you to develop tailored solutions, implement specific aspects of your EDI system,
or simply offer guidance and advice to help you improve the productivity or efficiency of your EDI initiatives.

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